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Nerd Speed DatingOkay, so the time has come for us to explore new speed dating themes that would attract lots of singles to participate. We had an "Active & Athletic Singles" event in August. It was a huge success with lots of matches. It was the first of its kind by NY Minute Dating and people are still writing happy testimonials to us about the people they met at the event.

Our popular, sold-out themes are usually ethnic based, like Russian speed dating, Latino speed dating, Asian speed dating, and we sometimes try something different like "Speed Dating for Divorced Singles." Some themes work great, and some don't. Let  me tell you a small anecdote that you may find interesting, and that may be useful to someone starting out in the speed dating business: When we first started NY Minute Dating we tried having a "Men in Uniform" speed dating event. As the theme suggests, the event was for men who are cops, firefighters, marines, or other uniform-wearing single men, and the women who want to meet them. The problem was getting men in uniform. We had lots of women sign up, and only a handful of men sign up. More...

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Couple of first date1) Avoid talking about past relationships. Although it seems like a smart thing to do to size someone up, these conversations get awkward after a few minutes and usually ruin dates.

2) Avoid talking badly about other people, because the person you are on a date with will think you will go around talking badly about him/her too as soon as an opportunity occurs.

3) Avoid talking about money. If you have a lot of it, talking about it may make you seem pompous, or if you do not have any, talking about it will make it seem like you want someone to be sympathetic (in a first date you want to avoid sympathy which can come from pity), or the person may think you are a gigolo or gold digger, both of which you want to avoid. More...

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